Pitched Rite Seamless Gutters, LLC Testimonials

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Gutter Protection in Fitchburg, WI

1. How did you hear about Micromesh gutter guard?

“We initially heard about Micromesh from an advertisement in one of the local newspapers. We actually saw the product at the L&L Home Show at the Monona Terrace in January. We were able to see the product in action and as well as compare it against the others that were on display. Micromesh seemed to be the best. We like the fact that it was more durable, handled a large amount of water and sealed everything else out.”

2. Have you tried other Gutter Guards?

“No. We have looked at others, but most of what we looked at were expensive and we were unsure if they would really work”

3. What is your overall impression of Micromesh gutter guard?

“We like the appearance and are confident that we’ve made the right choice.”

Gutter Protection in Monona, WI

1. How did the Micromesh gutter guard perform over the winter?

“Good. We had a lot of snow in February and I was worried that we would have ice forming in the gutters, but we didn’t have any.”

2. You had a popular reverse curve before the Micromesh gutter guards, how would you compare the performance?

“No comparison. We had to have the other company out all the time to unclog the downspouts and we had a constant leak just outside our door. After you took the old covers off, I was surprised to see so much debris in the gutter. No wonder it leaked. The Micromesh guards don’t allow anything to get into the gutters, so I don’t expect to have the problem again”

3. You had new gutters installed at the same time as the Micromesh gutter guard. How would you rate the service of Pitched Rite Seamless Gutters?

“Fantastic. The crew was professional, knowledgeable, and careful. The gutters look great and they were careful not to damage my plants. They also picked up after themselves. That really impressed me.”

Gutter Protection in Oregon, WI

1. How did you hear about Micromesh gutter guard?

“At the Home Builders Show on the West Side of Madison, a couple of months ago. We also researched it on the website”

2. Have you tried other Gutter Guards?

“Yes, we had screens that didn’t work well at all. They caved in and filled with debris. We had a real problem keeping them clean”

3. What is your overall impression of Micromesh gutter guard?

“Excellent. They look great. They are a lot more durable than the ones we had and they perform very well. It’s a great investment”

Gutter Protection in Racine, WI

1. How did you hear about the Micromesh gutter guard?

“We saw the demonstration at the Home show in Racine. We were very impressed with how it worked”

2. You investigated other gutter protection, why did you choose the Micromesh gutter guard?

“Several reasons. One, we liked the fact that the whole system is sealed. The other brands we looked at were open in the front and we were concerned that debris and
bees could still get in. We also, liked how strong it was compared to the others and the warranty was better”

3. Are you happy with your choice?

“Absolutely! We have a lot of trees in our yard and we are confident that we will never have to clean our gutters again”

Gutter Protection in Sun Prairie, WI

1. How did you hear about Micromesh gutter guards?

“My wife and I saw it at a show here in town a few months ago. I was impressed how well it performed. I also liked the way it looked and didn’t allow any debris into the gutter”

2. What is your overall impression of Micromesh gutter guard?

“We like it. I was concerned about the color. Some of the other brands came in the same color as my gutters, but the Micromesh has such a low profile, you can’t see it from the road anyway. I was also concerned that the water would come straight off the roof and not go through the screen, but we’ve had a few hard rains and so far no leaks anywhere.”

3. What about maintenance?

“So far I haven’t had to do anything. They gave me a brush and extension handle, but I haven’t used it. All the leaves and small debris just falls off.”